The Smart Car – Are You Ready For This?

Smart Car

Since gas is about the cost of a brief case full of diamonds, automakers are scrambling to find fuel-efficient alternatives. Enter the Smart Car. It gets over 40 mpg. It has a pretty good safety rating, and it’s made out of recycled parts. And to top it all off, a couple dozen clowns could pile out of it at any moment.

I have to say. I kind of like it. I’d look ridiculous driving it, but it’s the perfect size for my wife. Plus, it would make parking in downtown Charleston so much easier.

5 thoughts on “The Smart Car – Are You Ready For This?

  1. I’d never seen or heard of the Smart Car until I was in the Netherlands two years ago, where they’re EVERYWHERE. Maybe the Dutch are on to something…

  2. Yeah, and it’s in my price range so, hey… who knows. I may be driving one some day.

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  4. I’ve actually entered a few contests to win this car. It’s really compact, obviously, and thus fuel efficient, I guess. Who knows I might get one one day. Then again, I might get an American hybrid. Should support the American Automakers.

  5. Where can I find smart car and price range

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