Ketchum on Erickson

Dr. K just posted the following on FB:

For all of the people speculating on the Erickson project, Adrian and I have agreed to set aside the NDA to tell you that his group is a successful participant in this project. His research project to obtain the DNA samples is separate from us. His samples will be in the paper along with all of the successful submitters. And, yes, his great footage will come out so lets let all of the rumors go, OK? And once again, please know that we are at the mercy of the journal as to when we can announce. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Ketchum on Erickson

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  2. Do I read the last sentence of Ketchum’s statement fairly, if I hear it to mean that the paper is a ‘go’ but that permission to announce has not yet been given?

    Ps I’ll send an email to you on different matter, RW.

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