Yet Another Prodigy to Make Me Question that Whole “Paying Your Dues” Crap!

Young people, stop being more successful than me. Seriously, if you’re under 30, try to fail more. This is really getting annoying. Kaleb Nation is the latest wunderkind that I discovered in a Google search who has succeeded in making me feel like a slug among men. He’s barely in his 20s, and he already has a book deal, a popular blog, millions of views for his videos on YouTube… hell, he’s even a former syndicated radio host. When you’re in your 20s, the only thing I want to hear is that you were formerly a teenager.

At this time, my publicist would like me to point out that I’m kidding. I am, of course, happy for Kaleb Nation. Improbable name or not, he seems to be a level headed kid who deserves his early success. On the other hand, my upwardly tracking success graph seems to be matching my upwardly tracking maturity level graph so I am right on schedule when it comes to succeeding.

I actually found Kaleb when I was looking for information on publishing contracts. He videotaped himself signing his contract. The video has great production value, but I was surprised how unceremonious the signing actually was. This is the realization of a lifelong dream (granted his life is pretty short on the long end), but where are the fireworks and the non-alcoholic Champaign, and the publishing bigwigs with their disingenuous smiles (sorry, my vision of publishing executives comes from classic Hollywood films). I got more pats on the back, and enthusiastic handshakes when I bought my car. Granted, I did buy a Honda Element, but c’mon, this is a book deal. Do you know how rare those are? Here’s the video. (And seriously, Kaleb, congratulations. I’m super happy for you. (and no that wasn’t a sarcastic congratulations. I really meant it (and I really, really meant that))).

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